Thursday, April 14, 2011

God is good all the time, & all the time God is good.

This week's Doodle Verse is my Son's favorite saying. Not exactly a verse this week, but a universal truth none the less.  This was a great doodle to do during quiet time. Print  a blank sheet and have time doodle time with the Lord. Scan and email me your piece at, and I just might post it here next week.  Here's the link to take you to the down load. Visit the Doodle Verse Page:    Happy Doodling!


  1. Your doodles are awesome, and what a great idea to add Bible verses! :)

  2. Very neat doodle and I like the wording, so true : )

  3. that's the coolest doodle color & content i've ever experienced...thank you much for sharing! :)

  4. We think this would make a great Tshirt

    thank you for your online witness. (love the "Blessinks" title)

    do you do ATCs? I just joined a christian group on "" They have a monthly bible verse challenge