Thursday, April 14, 2011

God is good all the time, & all the time God is good.

This week's Doodle Verse is my Son's favorite saying. Not exactly a verse this week, but a universal truth none the less.  This was a great doodle to do during quiet time. Print  a blank sheet and have time doodle time with the Lord. Scan and email me your piece at, and I just might post it here next week.  Here's the link to take you to the down load. Visit the Doodle Verse Page:    Happy Doodling!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Doodle Verse - Eph 1:11-12

I've always envied people who could journal for pages and pages and do it consistently. I've tried and failed more times that I can remember. I have finally come the conclusion that I am not a journal person. But then one day I noticed a trend in my sermon note book - The pages had good sermon notes, but they were also filled with beautiful doodles. I decided that maybe I was a visual journal person. So DoodleVerse is my way that I connect to the Father by doodling and meditating over the verse and finally memorizing the verse.

If you'd like to doodle this too, click here DoodleVerse - Creation for an outline for you to doodle as well. If you like what you did, scan it an email me and I'll post it next week!

Happy Doodling., Marsha