Friday, October 29, 2010

Homemade Ornament Exchange

Found this way cool exchange. Make three ornaments and get three. Sign up at Sign up by Nov 24th and ornaments must be shipped by Dec 17th. Cost $10. How fun,, I can't wait to get started. Sign up soon it you're interested.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Idea Exchange

Here's my Christmas card, year before last. I didn't design any Christmas cards which was the first time ever!  So this year, I am purposing to get started EARLY (yes, I know its not Halloween yet!)  And I am thinking about using a Christmas Carol - I Saw Three Ships......  So this is what's on my mind. I am wondering what you're thinking about creating and what you're pondering.   I am reading this great little book called Zing! By Sam Harrison, It's about getting your creativity going. Here's one thought from the book: If I share my apple with you, we each have half an apple, but if I share my idea with you, then we now both have two ideas. So what are you working on and thinking about? I'll be working on my card and in the meantime you can post and share your ideas and what you're thinking about and we'll all benefit. Stay tuned for the card.