Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Virtual Paintout - Canary Island

9 x 12 - Watercolor
April sort of just evaporated, but I decided to take a little time today to finish this lovely hotel in the Canary Islands as part of the Virtual Paint out and submit it under the wire. Can’t wait to see where May takes us.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Late Offering to the International Fake Journal Contest - Mara the Kiwi

I’m a little late in posting my International Fake Journal – Sorry Roz!  As I’ve been earnestly working on the journal, I had to post it. The reality is that my sister recently returned from a very cool vacation to New Zealand. Her pictures were amazing and being the compulsive journaler that I am, I had to journal her vacation. I especailly loved adding the native art of the Maoris as borders to the pages.

Welcome to Mara’s International Fake Journal, April 2010:

Hi, I’m Mara, I’m a Kiwi bird looking to make my way back home. Due to budget cuts, the Zoo was going to transfer me Omaha, but I decided it was time to go home and find my mum, I've been here since I was first hatched. At the airport I picked the lock of my cage with my beak and I found this cute couple who’s headed to New Zealand, so I think I’ll just stow away. I’m sure no one will notice me!
I have a few gripes about people coming to gawk at me in the zoo. I am the national bird of New Zealand. Please do not confuse me with the brown fuzzy fruit. Yes, I am a bird, but I don’t have wings. I have the lovely fragrance of mushrooms, and for the life of me, I don't understand why some people find that unpleasant. And if you’re coming around for tea, don’t come before 4 pm, as I like to sleep during the day.

Here I am in Fiji, relaxing in the waves. We stopped over for a few days to get used to the time change. The trip over was very long, and a bit cramped, but mum is just a few more days away. So far everyone thinks I'm just part of the tour.

On first day in New Zealand was spent on the South Island, we toured Mt Cook (the hightest point in NZ), and Lake Pukaki. Then we saw some of New Zealand’s 34 million sheep on the Canterbury Plains. Next we saw pretty purple and pink lupines near Lake Tekapo. Where's all my fellow kiwis?

We spent the next day in Queenstown on the South Island. We toured the Queenstown Gardens. No sign of any Kiwis yet….

Today we took a ride on the 1912 TSS Earnslaw steamship to Walter Peak Farm to see spinning and sheep shearing. We also walked up the Franz Josef Glacier. It was a bit slippery, but the view was incredible. I bought some New Zealand jade called Pounamu to send to the girls back at the zoo. I dipped it in the ocean for good luck. No Kiwis here…..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

And the Winners Are..........

Thank you for everyone who responded to my blog post this week. Your feedback was invaluable. The committee also has some suggestions, so I will post the final LifeSpring Logo in a week or so when it's final. In the meantime, I was overwhelmed by the number and quality of comments, so I decided to award three sets of 8 Butterfly Peace note cards. I asked the Fabulous Baker Boys for random numbers between 1 and 17 (total responses). They provided me with #2, #7, and #12. So they lucky winners are:

Elizabeth - Artwork from a Northern Gail blog

Revelle – Image maker blog

Reana - Reana's Sketch Journal.

Please send me your addresses at and I will get the cards in the mail to you!
Thanks again to everyone for their awesome comments!

Marsha Baker

Monday, April 19, 2010

Need your opinion on a logo design

Here are some logo designs I’ve done for a church. They’re really struggling with their branding. They want to be casual, and inviting. If you were the average joe, which of these 5 logos says – You’re warmly welcomed here? Please vote on the poll to the right

And if you leave me a comment – the more critical the better – do you like the colors, should the water drop be different, different font choice, or move element 1 in logo # to logo ##…. I will put you in a drawing for a set of 8 Butterfly Peace blank greeting cards that I have also designed – see below. Please reply by Saturday April 24th. Drawing late Saturday night – Central time. Thanks much for your feedback.   Marsha

Comments will be put into a drawing for a set of 8 Butterfly Peace Cards. Drawing April 24th.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

This year I am purposing to try lots of new things. I stumbled across the Burlington County Art Center which is currently having a show of Artist trading cards. I thought it might be fun to submit an offering of ATCs. I also like to experiment with new stuff, so here are some Calla lilies done in ball point ink pens. The show starts on April 17th – so go check it out, they received over 800 cards! – here’s their link. After the show is over they will send me back someone else’s trading cards. Can’t wait to see what I get!