Saturday, December 18, 2010

Homemade Holiday Ornament Exchange and Contest for you

This year I participated in's Homemade Holiday Ornament Exchange.  We were a group of 4 and our name was the Fruitcakes. So knowing that friends don't give friends fruitcakes, I decided to go with the fruit theme but make visual puns.  This was my first foray with sculpy clay, so they turned out ok, but realized that sculpting is not my calling. But it was a fun project none the less, and on top of that I get three cool ornaments in return.

So to add a little fruit punch to  my post this week and getting in the holiday spirit, here's a quick contest. If you can guess all 4 of my fruit based visual puns, email me at If you're right I will put your name in a drawing for a set of my butterfly stationary - to be pictured later. Entries must be received by December 24th at 1 pm Central time. I will randomly draw from all entries with all 4 correct answers.

Happy punning, Marsha

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  1. They're cute! But, I don't get the puns. Maybe I'm slow?