Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Painted Pot for Amaryllis

Amaryllis Plant
How about doing it yourself?

One thing I lilke to give during the holidays is an Amaryllis. Its a gift that create interest for the entire holiday sesaons. You can get a bulb at any of the large big box retailers. They are usually not very expensive. I like to get them in the bag and then create my own unique gift, by painting the pot.

Supplies needed; Clay pot ($2.50 -better wider and not tall as the roots don't grow deep).
                               Acryllic Paint, brushes, potting soil, amaryllis and or paper white bulbs.
Cost for pot, soil and bulbs:  $16.50 - but I bet some of you can do if for a lot cheaper than this!
Time:  1 hr

The Process:
Draw a simple design on the pot with your pencil.  ( you can erase if you need to)
Paint the pot, depending on your color choices, you might need two coats. Let dry completely.
Fill pot with about 2" of soil, add bulbs, cover bulbs with remaining soil. Fill to rim, leave green new growth exposed.

Water well. Put in a bright spot in your house and wait for the blooms!

For after care of your bulbs and getting them ready to bloom again next year check out this site:



  1. This looks like a fun project! I already have a potted amaryllis but maybe I should paint the pot!

  2. Great gift idea, handmade and a pretty flower too!