Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentines Card Give Away - Extended Till Sunday!

I decided to share the love. I really like my Bike Valentines card so I decided to give away two cards. So leave a reply about your best Valentines ever and I will randomly select two winners. Need to post by FridaySunday. Winners announced on Saturday, Monday so be ready to send me your address so I can get this to you before Valentines Day. Can't wait to hear all your stories.

Also thanks for all your great suggestions on Dragon names. I decided to use him in another project, so stay tuned as you might get to see more of him and finally get to know his name. Come back often for more posts in my art journal.

Blessings, Marsha


  1. Your card is delightful! My best Valentines day is every year as it's one more Valentines day with my sweetie :-)

  2. Great card! My best Valentine's Day was the first one spent with my husband. He is the most caring person I've ever met.

  3. The card is sweet!
    enjoying the adventure of your giveaway.
    Betty Ann
    uhomeschool at yahoo dot com

  4. I like your card! I remember Valentines day at school, we had a cardboard postbox for everyone to use for their 'anonymous' Valentine cards. On Valentines day they were delivered to the various classrooms...it was very exciting to find out someone was thinking about you!