Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Illustration Friday - Expired

Expired  watercolor and ink

I immediately thought about my husband who traveled  Internationally. On one trip, he arrived in Helsinki Finland and the customs agent asks, "What is this Expired mean?”  This was his third stop on the trip. He had recently just gotten a new passport, but grabbed the expired one. When your Passport is expired they punch the word expired at the top when sending it back to you. So here's my offering for Expired.


  1. I love your idea and illustration. :D Great!

  2. Whoops! Great, uncomfortable situation.

  3. wow! i really would hate if that happened to me!great illo!

  4. Well thought out and inventive. Love the picture too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You're sweet.

  5. Great drawing and funny story, at least he was not stuck in some other country with an expired passport (just imagen the hay-day they could have with that)... I hope he didnt have to be stuck in Finland too long (as we're known to eat a lot of herring, LOL). Thanks for visiting my blog, found your blog this way... great start to a new blog.



  6. Ha ha--love the sketch and the story!